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Ella has been  a personal trainer for over 15 years.  She is currently a certified member of NETA (National Exercise Trainers Association), AFFA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America), and ISSA (International Sports Science Association).  Ella has trained and taught fitness classes all over including in Germany and Ft. Knox.  She enjoys creating custom workouts to meet her client's needs.  She also measures each client periodically to monitor their progress. 




Certified through Expert Rating, Linda enjoys training individuals and helping each client achieve their goals.






Certified in NETA (National Exercise Trainers Association) since 2006.  Certified in ISSA, Sports Nutrition since 2014.  She specializes in creating personal workouts for clients of all ages and needs to produce a healtier life style.





Expert Rating qualified, Leonard focuses training in areas of strength, flexibility, agility, and cardio.  His methods include old school, new school, indoors, outdoors, and everything in between. 





Dawne is an Expert Rated Certified Trainer.  She has also recently competed in NPC, a bikini competition.She trains all ages and focuses on the individual goals of each client. Dawne is committed to fitness and toning.  






Evi D. Smith was born in Houston and grew up in Orange.  She graduated from Memorial HS in 2003 and later attended Lamar University, Beaumont.  Evi earned an Associates Degree in Applied Science in Kinesiology. Due to Hurricane Rita, she finished her extended education at the University of Houston, receiving her Bachelors in Fine Arts.  
Her weight loss journey began in 2015, when doctors informed her due to her 289 lbs, she was type 2 diabetic and needed to change her life and take control of her health.  After months of adapting her eating habits and exercise when time permitted, this became a lifestyle change and soon after, a career change.  
By the end of 2016, she became a NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Certified Personal Trainer while working for Anytime Fitness.  She quickly gained a strong clientele of men and women of all ages who appreciated her unique approach to fitness and natural weight loss goals.  
Mrs. Smith has competed in several bikini competitions and recently won Trainer of the Year for 2019.  She is committed to educating clients on the importance of healthy living and plans to open her own gym in the future.  

Alyssa Ardoin was born and raised in Orange, Texas.  She graduated from Little Cypress Mauriceville in 2014, then attended McNeese State University and Lamar University. Alyssa earned a College of Arts and Sciences degree focusing on Psychology and Music Education.

Her weight loss journey began during the COVID-19 pandemic.  She felt like she needed to take control of her health and after months of hard work lost 100 pounds.  This became a lifestyle change and soon after, a career change.  

Alyssa is an ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association) Certified Personal Trainer.  She trains all ages focusing on the individual goals of each client.  She knows first hand how difficult consistency is but also how much it is worth in the end.  She is committed to educating clients on the importance of healthy living and plans to open her own gym in the future.